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Facharzt für Orthopädie - Dr. Manfred Schwab Wien St. Pölten

Services - General

At my office I provide investigations, diagnostic procedures and consultation with reference to the patient's current complaints, the optimum therapy, planning of surgery and conservative treatment such as cartilage build-up, infiltrations and complementary-medicine procedures like chiropractic medicine, manual medicine and acupuncture.

In terms of surgery my main points of focus are knee surgery, hip surgery, forefoot surgery and kyphoplasty.

I conduct the operations at the orthopaedic department of Krankenhaus der Barmherzigen Schwestern in Vienna. If the patient wishes I can also perform the operation in a different hospital in Vienna. I take charge of the registration procedure at the respective hospital so the patient is spared a great deal of administrative work.

Dr. Manfred Schwab | Orthopaedist and Orthopaedic Surgeon | 1140 Vienna | E-Mail ordination@manfredschwab.at
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